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Dr. Habib, MD (CEO Next Health) Testimonial

Dr. Habib, MD (CEO Next Health) Testimonial

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"Brother Qasim has been a professional, courteous, caring and wise counselor for my family member who was struggling with various challenges including addiction, mental health issues and challenges with faith.  He has been a resource for my family when we didn't know who to turn to.  We had been through a few other local counselling options (secular and islamic), we pursued international counselors as well, but no one was as committed and approachable as him.  His practical but sensitive approach can reach many types of people including the youth and elders.  He is a trustworthy advisor, and goes out of his way to have a positive and meaningful impact on his clients.  He strikes the right balance between a practical approach for our daily realities and the Islamic identity we all aim to achieve.  I strongly recommend him as a counselor for anyone who wants practical and usable islamic guidance to deal with real life issues we face today.  May Allah protect him as a resource for our larger Muslim community as we struggle with serious and prevalent challenges daily."

Sincerely SK


Sobia Rafiq

"Before I started my sessions with Brother Qasim I was going through marital problems for some time with no real clear plan on how to proceed or how to manage my problems keeping in mind my Islamic values and principles rather than allowing my emotions to taking over. 


I felt totally at ease after speaking with Brother Qasim within the first two sessions. I felt my anxiety lessen and felt much more connected with my purpose in life and was able to focus on a clear plan to help me through my problems. We had an in depth discussion about my issues and how staying in a toxic marriage would affect my emotional wellbeing as-well as my children. Aspects of how to tackle the issue were discussed and potential outcomes. It was good to talk to someone who has a great depth of understanding in martial issues and at the same time a sound understanding of Islam. I will be continuing my sessions and would definitely recommend anyone planning on getting married, or those who are married to have counselling before making a lifelong commitment,  to strengthen the foundations of their marriage. I have learnt so much about myself during my sessions which have given me hope and strength for the future." 


Jazakamullahu Khayran! 


Numaan Khan

"Mr Rafique had been recommended to me as someone who works with issues facing men so had already heard positive things. As someone who has been brought up with the traditional conception that men are meant to be alpha and men aren't meant to be weak, I was initially hesitant. Thankfully I realised, to be alpha, I need to be open minded which led me to speak to Mr Rafique and learn more about myself. Mr Rafique's extensive knowledge, humble and confidential nature alongside his varied expertise helped me to speak to someone and release my burdens with no consequence. This in turn enabled me to open doors to identify and overcome hurdles in order to strengthen myself and unlock further achievements. I would definitely recommend."


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