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Faith Based Family Coaching

 Productive Family Relationships Begin With You

Family Coaching is to educate and inspire parents, children and adults to live together with love, respect and cooperation. I provide tools to achieve “family wellbing” by combining evidence-based curriculum with real life effective relationship skills.

Faith Based Family Coaching

Family coaching is a process where one or more members of a family partners with a coach to address goals that will ultimately improve their family dynamics. Family dynamics are the interactions between family members, how they relate to one another and how the family functions as a whole. 

There are family coaches that specialise in improving a family’s dynamics, while others may focus on helping teens and children, assisting with parenting needs (sometimes referred to as a parenting coach) and those that work with the entire family together. Every family has their own group dynamics and unique structures, whether it’s a traditional family with two parents (also known as a nuclear family), a single-parent family, a step-family, an extended family, a one-child family and an adopted family, there is a family coach that can help.

One of the most important things to consider in family coaching are the needs and wants of each of the family members, so as to better facilitate the coaching process. 

Often times, families need help, just like a smaller organisation  They need to communicate about their shared values, beliefs and goals and see where they are aligned and where they may be out of sync. There are all sorts of tools that a coach can use to help families leverage their strengths as well as help decrease the noise in what may hold each person back from achieving their goals.

What Can I Help With?

Family coaches help families and individuals identify their various values, wants, needs and goals and helps the members come up with strategies to reach these goals as well as keep them accountable.

Coaches work on leveraging the strengths of individuals and groups as well as call attention to areas where they have room for improvement to help make forward progress.

Some common areas family coaches help with:

  • New parent challenges

  • Marriage challenges

  • Communication

  • Parenting issues for different stages, such as separation anxiety, depression or discipline

  • Blended family issues

  • Teen pregnancy

  • School dropout prevention

  • Anger or stress management


     Parents Gain:


  • Improved parenting skills

  • A variety of techniques to manage day to day challenges

  • Greater understanding of their child’s development

  • Ability to prevent problems before they escalate

  • More time for yourself

  • Enjoy being a parent!


    Families Triumph:


  • Peaceful home through enhanced family bonds

  • Common vocabulary for effective communication

  • Family members feel safe, loved and accepted

  • Family Values defined

  • Responsible and cooperative family members

  • High quality of life – more fun!


    Children Achieve: 


  • Greater self confidence – self esteem

  • Coping skills

  • More success in faith,school, university, sports, health and beyond

  • A positive attitude

  • Confident communication abilities

  • Enjoy being a kid…teen…young adult!


  • The Teen Years

  • Islamic Identity 

  • Divorce

  • Single Parents 

  • Multi-Generational/Blended Families

  • Adult Child/Parent  Relationships

  • New Born and Relationship dynamics

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