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7 Life Lessons on the Myths of Marriage ™

Opening the way to a happier life

By Qasim Rafique (Abu Layth)

*Abu Layth meaning:


The father of Layth 

I have used this as my pen name (nom de plume) to publish this book.


The M WORD! Marriage; the sought-after status, yet all too often, so totally misunderstood. My 7 Life Lessons on the Myths of Marriage™ is designed to help clarify the many misconceptions of married life. This book will explore a number of topics that so many of us struggle with when it comes to dealing with marriage, including love, intimacy, compromise, compatibility, and communication. So whether you're looking to get married, are already married, or have been hurt by divorce - this book can help you reestablish focus on what really matters in marriage.


Wow! I have finished reading 7 Life Lessons on the Myths of Marriage by Abu Layth. Once I started the book I found it difficult to put down.Ironically I finished it on what should have been my 16th Wedding Anniversary.It wasn't to be.I am now able to move on mentally. This book has given me the closure I needed, not everything was my fault!The book consistently brought back memories I could relate to, both happy and sad. If this book was available when I got married, I probably would have looked at the issues I encountered in a different way.It wasn't to be.I am now ready to put the past behind me.I hope couples looking to get married are either gifted with this book or buy it before they encounter that journey. It gives practical tips and advice that the couple can use. It could save a lot of heartache and misunderstanding in the future.I pray for the success of the Author and hope he is able to write more meaningful books we can relate to.


Yusuf Ahmed

A welcomed lighthearted practical account and powerful reflection on an important part of life! An un-biased book,giving straightforward advice and ideas to sort out the things that can cause a breakdown of a marriage-it's an excellent reference point! I as many others can completely identify with this book. Page after page, I feel this book was written for me! The same thing I was told by others who have also read the book. Very cleverly constructed and well worth a read!!



I've just finished reading this book and I can honestly say that it has been insightful, informative and gives useful guidance.In a world where so many of us are struggling with marriage and it's mechanics, this book creates pathways to different ways of assessing and nurturing our relationships.There are so many "Aha!" moments...i wish I had read it 3/4 years ago when I was struggling in my marriage. Things may have been very different.But I am going to read it again, this time armed with sticky notes and highlighter pen.If you are struggling in your marriage, about to get married or separated/divorced, this book is an honest and open guide to marriage highlighting the good, the bad and the remedy.


What a brilliant read, I recommend this book for everyone before getting married and after

I wanted to highlight the most important points,
And found it impossible as all of it was important

A must read for both singletons & couples!

It didn't take me long to finish this gem by Abu Layth. MashaAllah it's a no-filter, no-fluff, and highly valuable guide that's prepared me that extra bit more for marriage.

It's vital to understand the nature of the opposite sex & the various factors which contribute to a healthy marriage, and this book outlines these well and gives solid tips for both what to do, and what to avoid.

Whether you're still young, eagerly searching for your potential partner, or already living with a life long spouse, I'd highly recommend this to all those wishing to expose the common myths related to marriage and take their understanding of true love to the next level.

Alhumdullilah just finished reading this truly inspirational, insightful and ...

Alhumdullilah just finished reading this truly inspirational, insightful and thought-provoking piece of work by Abu Layth ......a must read for every individual considering marriage and I believe an invaluable resource to those individuals who are already married. Making marriage work has become a complex and presumed impossible task in today's age where failed marriages have become the norm and this book very simply and eloquently highlights the principles to make marriage a success. This is so cleverly executed that the reader will feel that this book has been written for them!.....I have not come across such originality and honest advice on marriage guidance .....insha'Allah I pray that this book makes every marriage succeed in this life and continue in Jannah. Ameen.

A great read! This book addresses some very relevant and pressing issues that need to be looked at..whether you are married or not everyone can take benefit from this book.. Such a pleasant read with a refreshing perspective on relationships that we forget all too often..It gives you practical tips and tricks of what to do to pave your way to a healthy relationship! In sha AllahMay Allah reward the author for his efforts and make this book a means to help others and to strengthen marriages. Ameen'

Abu Layth has some good old insights to share.

This has been a real eye opener! Abu Layth has some good old insights to share. The knowledge he has collected in his book is common sense, however as a community we have forgotten these skills mainly due to leaving our books and the guidance from Quran, thus took our cultures and what we are exposed to as the norm...hence the big maritial storms caused in our households have most definitely become invetible

An honest, unflinching look at some of the problems surrounding marriage in contemporary Western society. The book provides practical solutions and insights into the problems all marriages encounter, whilst remaining rooted in an Islamic context. A must-read for anyone looking to get married.

Brilliantly composed book!

Having read this book I've found it thoroughly thought-provoking with priceless life lesson for anyone wanting a well judgmented opinion on the myths of life. I without a doubt would recommend this book for anyone seeking a non biased guide to life.

7 Life Lessons on the Myths of Marriage 
"Opening the way to a happier life"
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